Aggregate and integrate data from across your enterprise, and transform it into a unified patient health record and innovation-ready FHIR APIs.

See and do it all, all from one powerful platform.

Minerva offers best-in-class data normalization and transformation capabilities that make critical data available, viewable, and usable enterprise-wide.

With our radically open platform, that data flows seamlessly from any source, format, and system, into a single, complete view of every patient and their care.


Collect and merge data from any source or system.

Minerva enables you to rapidly connect and synthesize patient information from clinical, operational, and financial IT systems across your organization, using both healthcare standards and custom data connectors.

You can even pull in data from outside your organization, including patient data generated with consumer device standards.


Create a unified, longitudinal patient record.

Minerva’s integration engine normalizes data from any system, format, or location and stores it as native FHIR resources. The result: a single, unified view of patients’ care, readily available to clinical users and applications through modern, FHIR-based APIs.


Turn patient data into new value.

With Minerva’s FHIR-based APIs, you can rapidly deploy new applications to both consumers and providers alike. You can leverage a range of out-of-the-box Minerva apps or instantly integrate with third-party apps using SMART on FHIR — ensuring compliance with 21st Century Cures Act requirements for data accessibility.

Key interoperability features


Data normalization & storage

Data access

Make your patient data more powerful than ever

Discover how Minerva creates a layer of vendor-neutral interoperability across your entire enterprise — as well as an unmatched flow of data to improve clinical decision-making and elevate patient care.