Developers can use Minerva APIs to create applications that interact with electronic health data, including clinical and claims data via the FHIR R4 standard.

Minerva’s developer portal is designed to provide a one stop solution for app developers to understand how third-party app integration with Minerva works. Developers can use our interactive, Open API Sandbox UI to understand our API framework by trying out the API keys.

Minerva APIs fully support FHIR® and provide rich programmatic access to electronic medical record data for patients and the companies and institutions who serve them. The available data includes patient demographics, labs, medications, observations, procedures, allergies, and much more.

The Minerva platform is HIPAA compliant and in use by some of the largest hospital systems. You can get started by signing up for free with our developer portal.

Steps to Use Developer Portal

Sandbox UI / API Documentation

Minerva’s developer portal provides access to a generic sandbox where the sandbox UI acts as both the Sandbox Environment as well as the API Documentation (API Capability statement).

The Sandbox UI is free and open to use while being used as API Documentation. However, it needs to be connected to our sandbox using client credentials to try the API keys and get responses.

The sandbox will be based on FHIR version R4. Minerva supports the following resources on FHIR R4:

  • Patient
  • Practitioner
  • Practitioner Role
  • Encounter
  • Service Request
  • Diagnostic report
  • Observation
  • Appointment
  • Allergy Intolerance
  • Condition
  • Family Member History
  • Goal
  • Immunization
  • Procedure
  • Medication
  • Medication Request
  • Medication Order
  • Device
  • Clinical Impression
  • Document Reference
  • Account 
  • Coverage 
  • CarePlan 
  • CareTeam 
  • Task 
  • Location 
  • Organization

Our APIs implements OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication and authorization. We support Client Credentials authorization grant type.

To quickly get started testing out the Minerva APIs, sign up with us.

Upon signing up, the developer will get a client registered to his account by default, the credentials (Client ID and Client Secret) of which he/she can copy down and use to access the sandbox.

Sign up using simple steps

Click on "Create Account"

Enter your Email Address

Verify your Email Address

Fill in the Demographic Details

Set password for your Account

Login successful.
Use the credentials and get your Client ID and Client Secret.


Is R4 supported?

Yes, we support R4 for all the resources mentioned in Quick Start Guide.

Are other versions of FHIR supported?

Minerva supports DSTU2, STU3 and some geography specific version like US Core and Argonaut. However, the developer portal sandbox provides access only to the Minerva FHIR R4 read APIs.

Are there write APIs on the Developer portal sandbox?


What scopes are given to the default client registered on sign up?

Read access to all the supported resources.

Is manual client registration available on developer portal?

No. The developer can use only the client registered automatically on sign up. This client will be non-editable with default scopes only. Manual client registration is a part of our future roadmap.

What kind of data is available in the Sandbox?

The sandbox contains generic data, not specific to any of our clients. The data will be available for all the resources supported by Minerva FHIR R4 (refer to Quick Start Guide)

Do I need to use OAuth to test the Minerva APIs?

Yes, OAuth is required, even for testing.