Value driven care depends on real-time, accurate and reliable data. Leverage the Minerva Healthcare Data Platform to bring together clinical and claims data from disparate systems into a unified FHIR® repository. 

One platform. One unified patient record. Limitless possibilities.

Natively based on FHIR® and vendor-neutral, Minerva aggregates data across your care delivery network – from multiple systems and formats to power your data exchange, accelerate data analytics and meet Cures Act regulations.
Digital Health

Integrate healthcare data

Integrates data from multiple clinical systems and payers rapidly.

Enterprise FHIR Repository

Stores the longitudinal health record as native FHIR® resources.

Exchange data using FHIR®

Enables controlled and secure access using FHIR® and bulk-FHIR® APIs.

Power patient and clinical applications

Deploy a white-labelled clinical viewer and digital front door applications.

Deliver analytics and insights

Stream and build a Data Warehouse to power analytics and data science projects.

Integrate data across your network

Minerva brings ready-to-use data connectors to rapidly ingest data from disparate clinical and claims sources. Leverage available healthcare standards and custom data formats to bring in data in real-time or in batches. Integrate data from your clinical network and your payers to build a unified view of your patient’s data.

Deploy a FHIR® Repository that enterprises rely on

Minerva normalizes integrated data streams into a vendor-neutral and horizontally scalable FHIR® repository. Data from varied sources is harmonized to longitudinal FHIR® resource objects, available to power multiple initiatives.
ONC Cures Act

Clean and secure FHIR® APIs to exchange data

The platform provides clean, secure and access controlled FHIR® and bulk-FHIR® APIs that your partners and teams can use to access the longitudinal health record. Configure access to data based on granular access rules through simple configurations. Deliver on the true spirit of the Cures Act requirements with Minerva’s ONC Certified FHIR® APIs.

Fast track innovation for your apps

Build your own patient or clinical apps using Minerva’s SMART on FHIR® framework. Let your teams focus on the innovation and make their access to data seamless and friction-less.

Deliver the holistic view to your clinicians

Give your clinical providers access to the real-time longitudinal health record using a versatile, personalized clinical viewer. Web-based and access-controlled to bring true longitudinal data accessible across your clinical network.

Patient Engagement - Digital Front Door
Digital Front Door

Power your
Digital Front Door

Rapidly deploy an out-of-the-box Digital Front Door for your patients, white labelled with your branding. Enable patients and their family members to actively access their health data, manage schedules, book appointments, and remotely engage with your providers.

Deliver population-level insights with data

Minerva enables you to stream FHIR® data into your data warehouse in the formats your data science teams want. Deploy data pipelines from FHIR® to SQL or Parquet instantly. Clean data from Minerva eliminates the need for separate integrations into your analytics infrastructure.

Leverage the true power of your patient data

Discover how Minerva delivers vendor-neutral interoperability across your entire network, improving patient outcomes and quality.

Ready to experience the power of Minerva?