Cures Act Compliance in a box

The ONC and CMS 21st Century Cures Act deadline for compliance is right around the corner. The regulatory bodies are now expecting a seamless flow of data between patients, providers, and payers to empower patients with better access to their medical information and to make more effective decisions in their healthcare choices.

Failing to comply with these regulations can lead to falling behind the rest of the industry and incurring significant monetary penalties for providers anywhere between $5M – $25M.

The need of the hour is to take stock of the current technology stack and reassess where the vendors are in relation to regulatory standards. A vendor must be up to speed on the latest rules, challenges, and strategies to successfully meet the requirements.

To help you navigate your path to achieving Cures Act Compliance, we have designed a white paper for you to:

Learn about the latest ONC and CMS Final Rules

Discover challenges to drive patient access to their
health information

Strategically launch and scale patient-facing initiatives using FHIR APIs

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