Workflow automation

Streamline care planning and coordination by templatizing, customizing, and automating complex workflows for providers across your enterprise.

Deliver smarter, faster, more personalized care.

Minerva’s workflow automation features reduce providers’ clinical and operational workload, giving them more time than ever to focus on their patients.

Our platform transforms clinical workflows into easily adapted, readily automated modules that minimize admin burden, enhance team coordination, and elevate patients’ care


Customize and automate complex pathways

Minerva makes it easy for providers to eliminate repetitive tasks and standardize everyday care processes.

Care teams can quickly create, templatize, and customize workflows, then assign and automate them in just a few clicks. Every workflow can be collaboratively managed from the team’s shared Minerva dashboard.


Manage patients’ care more efficiently than ever

Providers using Minerva can make smart clinical decisions more quickly and confidently than ever. They can instantly share information, allocate resources, and schedule clinical activities enterprise-wide — all from the same shared dashboard.


Create, assign, and personalize with a click

In Minerva, providers can easily identify and assign the right plan for each patient and track their adherence in detail — by linking both clinical and patient-reported data directly to care plan tasks. Care teams can also drive engagement by gamifying care plans with rewards programs that incentivize adherence and compliance.


Never miss a moment of your patients’ care

As healthcare moves beyond the clinic, Minerva enables enterprises to efficiently, scalably, and centrally manage fast-growing virtual patient populations. Minerva’s web and mobile apps keep providers and patients virtually connected in more ways than ever while linking every action, outcome, and insight into a single, unified record of the patient’s care.

Turn complex pathways into seamless services

That’s the power of Minerva’s best-in-class workflow automation capabilities. See how our platform can streamline even the most specialized remote care plans, while empowering providers to engage, monitor, and support their patients from the clinic, to the couch, and beyond.