Deliver the seamless experiences and satisfying services today’s consumers expect — any time they need them, any way they choose to access them.

Deliver more than virtual care. Deliver it with Minerva.

Today’s digitally empowered patients aren’t waiting for what’s next in healthcare transformation. They already expect convenience and customization at every step of their care. With Minerva VirtualCare apps, that future can be ready and waiting — with you.

Build every moment around the patient

Our technology puts consumers’ needs and expectations at the heart of every solution you create for them.

Add value to every experience

Don’t just innovate delivery. Enhance the quality, efficiency, and impact of every touchpoint on the patient journey.

Use any channel patients want

Today’s consumers expect care at their fingertips at home, at the clinic, and on the go. Minerva makes it possible.

White-label VirtualCare apps

Anywhere, anytime care, made easy by Minerva.

The Minerva platform features a suite of industry-leading consumer apps that make it easier than ever for patients to access, manage, and personalize their care.

Lightweight, customizable, and launch-ready, Minerva VirtualCare apps are the fastest, most efficient way to enhance patient engagement and scale your virtual care services.

Patient engagement

More features. One login. Zero downloads.

With Minerva, virtual care finally works the way it should. Consumers can access, manage, and customize clinical services like any other purchase — right in the app.

Unified patient record

Give consumers and their care team a single, shared, complete view of each patient’s health, care plan, and goals.

Easy registration

Patients can effortlessly access the platform, get onboarded, and personalize their profile.

Simplified scheduling

Set up new appointments at any time, online or through the app.

One app for the family

Easily manage family members’ care and data with sophisticated consent management.

Convenient appointments

Maximize patients’ time with their providers, virtually or in person.

Accessible health records

Enable patients to seamlessly access, manage, and update their health data from anywhere.

Continual engagement

Stay in touch with patients and send them educational materials after discharge.

Bills and payments

Pay for healthcare like any other service in-app, in just a few clicks.

Patient engagement

Monitor your patients and their progress

With the Minerva physician app, care never stops at the door of the clinic or the end of the appointment. Minerva gives providers the power to monitor their patients more closely than ever, track their activity, and collaboratively guide their progress. All from a single, shared dashboard with a complete, unified view of the patient’s health record.

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Enhance care transitions

Send their patients home with confidence. Customized alerts instantly inform care teams when patients need their support.

Personalize their care plans

Keep patients engaged and on track with tailored clinical pathways, gamified experiences, and patient-centric notifications.

Get real-time virtual visibility

Merge clinical and patient-reported data to enable detailed 24/7 oversight of your patients’ adherence and compliance.

Limitless possibilities

Meet new consumer needs with new care solutions

The Minerva app is built on a radically open, vendor-neutral framework that enables you to continually innovate new consumer services and experiences.

Take your virtual care services to a new level.

Deploy new digital health solutions faster than ever with Minerva VirtualCare apps.