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PeriOperative Solution - A New Era in Workflow Coordination

mphrX Digital Front Door: Streamlining the next evolution in healthcare

The next evolution in healthcare will be streamlined as more and more provider organizations and healthcare networks take to digitization. They will see greater returns as patient care becomes more efficient and personalized. With new healthcare policy calling for greater interoperability standards amid the 55% increase in smartphone application downloads in the last five years, it is only natural for healthcare organizations to move forward with the times. This shift will result in a natural evolution that streamlines care that provides a pathway towards greater ROI. With the Digital Front Door from Minerva, mphrX seeks to be a leader in that evolution.

Legacy processes hold everyone back

Let’s face it. The current state of information access in healthcare is dismal at best. This is a result of legacy systems and manual processes that have managed to keep data siloed and individuals and organizations from communicating with one another Healthcare, however, did not evolve in a vacuum and while these tools were originally developed with the patient, provider, or other stakeholder in mind, the current state of innovation has made many of these systems obsolete. Similarly, many of the processes are extremely slow because they rely on physical activities and a manual workflow to complete. Thanks to modern tools, these processes can be streamlined to reduce provider burden and increase patient satisfaction.

New technologies lead to innovations

Simply connecting to an API or a series of APIs can open an entire world of new experiences for healthcare organizations. While these connections pose greater security requirements for the stakeholder, the net positive impact is hard to ignore as streamlined digital workflows completely revolutionize care coordination and patient finances.

Online gateways and pathways

The newfound ability to integrate EMRs with multiple payment and billing gateways streamlines providers’ financial services processes. This support for an online payments model is scalable and can be utilized across desktops, laptops, and mobile phone applications. The ability to accomplish this as well as book appointments, raise queries with a help desk, check bills, and share lab tests effectively puts the administrative process in the patient’s hand while allowing for greater communication between patient and provider.

Multiple user management

The ability to handle multiple online accounts through one user interface is one of the most valuable things that can be brought into a streamlined healthcare-facing application. More specifically, the ability to link family members through one account helps keep things more seamless from both the patient and provider’s point of view. Through this, additional family members can be added to the account without disrupting the underlying infrastructure.

Educational and marketing tools

Digitized solutions like the Digital Front Door allows providers to provide marketing banners and educational content native to the patient’s feed. This can be achieved by enabling advertisers to share targeted banners that tout certain medications or educate the patient on the medication they are currently using.

The next step in the patient and provider experience

While none of this technology is new, mphrX’s Digital Front Door solution paves the way for its integration into traditional EMR systems. When it comes to patient registration within a health system, electronic applications have reduced wait times by 50%,because the ability to book an appointment and complete paperwork through an app means the patient no longer has to wait in a line to visit their provider. All they have to do is walk up to the nurse’s station and see the doctor. Prior to the visit, they can process the payment online through the application without needing to wait for payments to be done at the hospital. On the provider’s side, mphrX’s Digital Front Door solution enables physicians’ better access to patient data from the comfort of their phones in a secure and HIPAA compliant manner.

While the digitization of the entire industry will take some time, the Digital Front Door offloads a lot of the administrative burden and gives more control to the patient. This leads to a higher quality of care, more efficiency, and, as a result, greater ROI.

Are you ready to deliver a seamless experience for patients via the Digital Front Door? Don’t hesitate to Contact us for a demo today!

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