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mphrx Announces Joel Formiga as Country Manager for Brazil

Joel Formiga Country Head Brazil |

São Paulo, Brazil, Monday, February 22: The New-York based health technology company, mphrX, has announced Joel Formiga as their Country Manager for Brazil. Formiga spent the last four years running the digital transformation initiatives for the city and then the state of São Paulo. He has led emblematic initiatives such as Corujão da Saúde and transformed the way citizens access public health through apps like AGENDA FÁCIL and REMÉDIO AGORA.

“mphrX has the right technology, people, and attitude. It is the perfect place for me to bring my recently acquired expertise combined with my previous IBM experience as a tech sales executive to empower healthcare organizations to rapidly and efficiently innovate the way they deliver care”, says Formiga.

“We see the Brazilian market as a great fit for our solution that can enable healthcare organizations to provide specific solutions to consumers’ rapidly changing needs. Minerva’s capabilities provides a unified health record with vendor-neutral SMART on FHIR repository, in addition to creating value out of the legacy systems.,” said Varun Anand, mphrX co-founder and chief operating officer. “We are thrilled to have Formiga onboard who understands that this market comes with a complex set of drivers along with a diversified set of opportunities.”

Apart from navigating mphrX into the Brazilian market, Formiga will build high-performing teams consisting of sales personnel, solution architects, and delivery experts while expanding the partner network.

About mphrX

mphrX is an innovation partner for organizations pioneering the next generation of healthcare. Its platform provides best-in-class interoperability, engagement, and automation solutions that open a new world of virtual care. The company is a rapidly growing healthcare technology organization headquartered in New York City, with offices in Australia, UK, India, Singapore, and Brazil. mphrX is an ISO 13485, ISO 27001 certified organization. This year, Frost and Sullivan awarded a 2020 Global Digital Transformation Platform Enabling Technology Leadership Award to mphrX. Visit

About Minerva

Minerva is a FHIR-based, vendor-neutral innovation platform from mphrX. Built to empower both patients and enterprises, Minerva takes healthcare organizations beyond digital transformation to a new world of seamless omnichannel care. The platform is deployed in over 20 countries and manages over 460 million patient records with millions of users. Minerva has enabled large health systems to aggregate healthcare data and orchestrates workflows across complex and diverse technology environments using a unique vendor-neutral approach. The platform complies with HIPAA, GDPR, and other global data protection acts. To learn more, visit and follow us on LinkedInTwitter and Facebook


Joel Formiga

Country Manager

Aditi Gupta

Digital Marketing Manager

+1(480)747 0690

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