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A New Era in Workflow Coordination

Surgical procedures involve complex clinical and operational processes that often require many teams to collaborate. Poor communication and lack of coordination across the perioperative continuum of care and patients can result in the cancellation of surgeries. This results in massive financial setbacks, a waste of resources, and a significant loss of opportunity for healthcare organizations.

By focusing on surgery-coordinated workflows that are aimed at operational efficiency, healthcare organizations can greatly reduce the number of cancellations and rescheduling they face, thereby improving their bottom line.

In this whitepaper, learn what it takes to develop a successful perioperative framework to improve your bottom-line revenue, drive greater coordination & communication within teams, and improve patient satisfaction.

Best practices to develop a perioperative framework

Actionable insights to improve coordination among stakeholders

Strategically eliminate workflow inefficiencies to reduce same-day surgery cancellation by 50%

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