Innovation Alert: Digitally Transforming Care Coordination for Surgical Procedures in an Integrated Care World

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Surgery Coordination solution to enable healthcare organizations to automate and orchestrate the planning of surgical procedures across their multi-disciplinary teams to reduce delays and cancellations. Thus, optimizing their operating room utilization to serve more patients without adding costs and resources. 

It’s seen that, on average, 20% of surgical procedures are canceled or rescheduled due to incomplete pre-requisites and lack of coordination between teams. This can lead to adverse outcomes for the patients and significant financial losses to the hospitals.

Based on Minerva, our Digital Health and Interoperability platform, the solution delivers a cloud-based web application that facilitates multiple teams to receive, monitor, and track procedures and surgeries, in addition to providing patient engagement during pre and postoperative care – thereby improving operating room throughput, maximizing resources, and increasing efficiencies in the operating room without compromising surgeon, staff, or patient satisfaction. 

The Minerva platform enables healthcare organizations to rapidly deploy digital transformation strategies using it’s SMART on FHIR capabilities. This solution is a prime example of how health systems can leverage Minerva to implement automated digital workflows across disparate IT systems to supplement their existing IT investments and core systems.

As healthcare delivery becomes more integrated between specialist offices and hospital systems, the process of coordinating care continues to remain manual, paper-based, and through fax. Specialists still rely on filling up surgery booking forms on paper and sending them through fax to the hospital’s surgery department.

Each procedure requires various teams between the specialist’s office and the hospital to work together to complete prerequisites and prepare for the date of service. We identified that this is still done manually, resulting in miscommunications, slippages, and errors that eventually lead to the teams not being ready to perform the procedure on the scheduled date. Consequently, leading to underutilization of operating rooms. Moreover, the effort and time involved in coordinating these procedures lead to additional overhead costs that eventually impact patients, payers, and providers. 

Surgery Coordination solution is designed to save time and money by reducing avoidable surgery cancellations by increasing collaboration, transparency, and automation between the different stakeholders in the surgery lifecycle. The web-based application allows health systems to provide an intuitive and easy-to-use application that specialists and their offices can use to book and track their procedures. The system can intelligently allocate the required tasks, documents, alerts, and notifications to all the stakeholders based on the type of procedure requested and roles defined. Hence, allowing all the teams to have a transparent and centralized view of their tasks with timelines. Each team gets a personalized real-time view of their pending tasks and dashboards to track their activities to indicate the level of readiness for the procedure.

Minerva’s interoperability capabilities allow for real-time integration with existing EMRs and scheduling systems to pull together relevant patient data to provide a unified view of the patient’s journey to users.

The solution is revolutionizing the way teams coordinate care for their patients by delivering:

  • Real-time visibility to surgery schedules, plans, and workflow across teams 
  • Reduction in the rate of the day of surgery (DoS) cancellations and delays
  • Full utilization of operating rooms and improving efficiencies in handling surgery requests
  • Functionality to surgery care centers and hospitals to streamline surgery planning
  • Integrated processes and streamlined coordination across cross-functional teams and surgeons’ offices
  • Pre and postoperative patient engagement

To learn more about the solution, download the factsheet and schedule a demo today! 

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