Summer Internship Program at MphRx

This summer, we had a group of curious students from IIT-D who brought their insights, imagination, and healthy disregard for impossible. MphRx Internship Program focused on building analytical and problem-solving skills. Special emphasis made on developing collaborative skills.

The interns were thrown into real-life problems where they got to interact with the customers to understand the requirements, brainstorm solutions, learn about the health care industry, and make recommendations on the product roadmap. Here’s the small glimpse into what our interns did:

Utsav Das

“Like most college students, I was looking for hands-on experience with tangible results. At MphRx, I was able to go deeper into the product development process. My task involved writing the specification document, building design flows, and models. Initially, it was hard to translate the business requirements into technical ones, but slowly, I became more comfortable with each use case. My manager also helped in accelerating the process by giving me constructive feedback.”

Swati Katariya

“It never struck me that user experience designing for the healthcare industry could be challenging and would require out of the box thinking. Building interfaces between technology and end-users is the key to better care. This needed me to think deeper about the challenges the users faced during the product interaction and what we could do to make their life simpler. To give an example, imagine the amount of information a doctor has to go through (emails, patient’s records, test records, lab records, other doctors’ observations) before they can diagnose the problem. On the recommendation of my manager, I focused on gathering the information around the complex needs of the users. I got hands-on experience on what are the essential questions to ask and how to think about the solutions. Supplementing my classroom knowledge, I applied decision-making model, 5WHYs, and design principles to reach the final design.”

Prarthana Jain

“I like how interns are treated just like full-time employees from the very first day. As a product analyst, I got the confidence to ask tons of questions around the product and the healthcare industry. This included learning about real-world problems and building the modules accordingly. Working in a team of six meant there were conflicting ideas and reaching to a consensus would be difficult. However, mentors were always ready and willing to give their advice and guidance to help me and my team overcome these challenges. One thing I like about this place is that it is not only about work but having some fun together. Three of my colleagues and I put up a small performance to show our creative sides as part of the ‘Fun Friday’ evenings here at MphRx.”

Madhur Virli

“I am majoring in two subjects, Biochemical and Biotechnology. I wanted to get real-life engineering experience out of my internship. Most of my projects involved learning about different types of implementation models. I helped in developing the specifications for bills workflow, keyword inclusion, slot management, care plan views, and doctor time management for an active MphRx client. Being disciplined was one of the biggest takeaways for me on how to survive in the fast-paced and continually evolving environment.”

Ujjwal Nemchand

“Initially, I was a little unsure about the kind of work I would be doing. However, then later, as I got more involved in the work, I enjoyed my time here. Learning about the healthcare systems, and understanding customers helped me to understand the importance of research in developing specs for a product. Some of my work involved building spec requirements for Appointment Adherence, Dependent Linking, and doing a competitive analysis of the Content Management System and Chatbots available in the market.”

Shubham Gupta

“Interning here helped to get more clarity on what career path to follow. Product management has always been a consideration but getting a glimpse into how a product is built and managed made it a stronger case. Writing specifications document and designs forced me to think deeper.”


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