Integrated telehealth platform to simplify remote collaboration

Minerva provides easy to use, secure and scalable collaboration tools that enable care teams and patients to engage in rich remote conversations. The solution has been designed keeping in mind the specific workflow, usability and security needs of users engaged in healthcare delivery experience.

Solution Highlights

Zero-install solution that does not require local installations or browser plugins

Advanced collaboration tools and post meeting reporting capabilities for multi-participant virtual meetings

Shared access to unified patient records and images during the meeting

Integrates seamlessly with existing workflows of clinicians

The Minerva application is accessible to patients and clinicians anytime, anywhere and on any device

Key Solution Benefits

  • Deliver remote and team-based care use cases at scale in a secure, HIPAA compliant manner
  • Improve staff productivity through improved collaboration both within and outside the clinical setting
  • Drive faster clinical decisions with remote and instant collaboration amongst personnel and seamless access to patient data at point of care
  • Enhance adoption and return on investment in remote care infrastructure with zero install tools that integrate seamlessly into existing workflows
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