An integrated approach to remote patient monitoring and care

Minerva is an integrated digital health platform that equips care providers with tools to improve all aspects of remote patient care. These tools include remote monitoring, tele-consultations, and access to a unified patient care record.

Solution Highlights

Remote patient-monitoring data integrates with patient record in EMR

Video consultations can be launched from within the EMR, minimizing workflow disruption

Smart critical alerts and automated workflows enhance productivity of clinical staff

Availability of unified patient care record increases accuracy of remote clinical decisions

Platform comes with bundled medical device kit to jumpstart remote care program, but is flexible to integrate with a range of other devices

The Minerva application is accessible to patients and clinicians anytime, anywhere, and on any device

Key Platform Benefits

  • Reduce readmissions and unnecessary ER visits
  • Deliver tailored remote care programs at scale for different service lines
  • Simplify the vendor-management and IT landscape by requiring only a single integrated platform
  • Drive superior patient experience with native iOS and Android applications accessible via smartphone or Smart TV
  • Augment population health and analytics by tapping into remote patient data through FHIR-based APIs
  • Deliver remote care at scale with smart critical alerts and automated workflows
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