A seamlessly integrated healthcare experience

Minerva provides a seamless view of all of a patient’s records across every touchpoint of their healthcare system. It is a secure, HIPAA-compliant, white-labeled solution that delivers improved patient satisfaction and leads to better health outcomes.

Solution Highlights

With the Minerva platform, we partner with health systems to

Grant stakeholders across the healthcare delivery process personalized point-of-care access to a unified patient record

Provide self-service tools to more deeply engage patients in their own care and wellness

Establish collaboration and monitoring capabilities that keep clinicians engaged in patients' ongoing care

Leverage the extensible platform to drive their digital transformation strategies

Integrate deeply into existing processes through open APIs, which enable partners and third-party vendors to build custom applications

The Minerva application is accessible to patients and clinicians anytime, anywhere and on any device

Unlike EMR-Bundled Patient Portals, Minerva:

  • Integrates patient data across disparate EMRs and other clinical systems
  • Enables seamless sharing of medical records both within and outside a health system’s network
  • Enables patient access to multiple best-in-class healthcare applications through a single unified platform
  • Allows configuration on a site-by-site basis, even within a health system
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