A vendor-neutral orchestration layer for Multi-EMR interoperability

Minerva integrates bi-directionally with disparate EMRs via healthcare standards and non-standards based integrations to enable interoperability and care coordination. Minerva aggregates data across these systems to build an open-standards-based unified patient data repository, even across previously incompatible EMRs. Minerva also provides clinicians with shared access throughout the delivery network and collaborative care tools, enhancing clinical decision-making.

Solution Highlights

With the Minerva platform, we partner with health systems to

Provide immediate and on-demand access to cross-enterprise patient data at point of care

Improve clinicians' decision making and productivity by providing complete patient data access directly within local EMR

Maximize healthcare system's current IT investments and deliver significant cost savings as provider network expands

Rapidly implement care-coordination uses cases for care teams spread across multiple care settings

Eliminate vendor lock-in to enable data standardization across the provider network

Key Solution Benefits

  • Improved clinical decision-making as result of access to complete patient information, accessible within local EMR application
  • Improved care collaboration both within and outside the care delivery network
  • Scalable IT infrastructure as the provider network expands
  • Maximized existing IT investments; minimized change-management costs
  • Best-in-class applications that eliminate interoperability issues and the restriction of single-vendor lock-in
  • Gateway for health information exchange (HIE) with federal and state agencies and payers
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