A vendor-neutral approach to maintaining legacy data

Minerva aggregates data spread across disparate clinical and non-clinical systems to build an open-standard-based unified data archive. The aggregated data are converted to standard FHIR format, resulting in a searchable archive that is accessible instantly and securely via a web-based viewer. This allows healthcare organizations to decommission obsolete applications without losing data and while avoiding any future vendor lock-ins.

Solution Highlights

With the Minerva platform, we partner with health systems to

Provide immediate, on-demand access to discoverable legacy data at point of care

Improve clinician productivity and decision-making through unified access to complete patient data directly within the EMR

Simplify workflows by providing a single point of access to legacy data spread across multiple clinical and non-clinical systems

Increase cost savings and storage efficiency across the care delivery network

Comply with data retention policies and regulations while eliminating need for future migrations and vendor dependencies

Leverage historical data to generate insights into population health, operational intelligence and future digital initiatives

Key Solution Benefits

  • Avoid proprietary data models, prevent vendor lock-in, and eliminate any future need for data migration
  • Reduce costs and simplify data storage by eliminating need to maintain multiple legacy systems
  • Provide unified access to complete patient information, accessible within the current EMR application
  • Enable immediate, on-demand access to discoverable legacy data, with ability to export patient’s legacy clinical records to universally compatible PDF format
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