PODCAST: Scaling Digital Health Solutions During and Post COVID-19

COVID-19 will have a long-term impact on the healthcare sector, which will push the healthcare organizations to rethink their strategy to leverage only those platforms that would enable them to implement models that can drive exponential value creation.

For example, lack of novel Coronavirus tests led to a large percentage of the population to panic and rush to the hospitals, even for minor symptoms like cold and cough, which were earlier ignored pre -COVID 19—resulting in overburdened healthcare professionals’ who have to look after every patient. Subsequently, a significant impact on the operational system is observed as the system was designed, assuming the linear incremental demand in healthcare, but the COVID-19 situation significantly changed this assumption.

Hosted by Bill Russel from This Week In Health IT, our co-founder, Varun Anand and Dr. Tiago Frigini of United Health Group met up to discuss:

  • Role of a platform to build and scale-up custom digital healthcare solutions rapidly.
  • How to accelerate the shift towards interoperability amidst the challenges the pandemic is posing to data exchanges.
  • How MphRx enabled UHG to deploy its branded COVID-19 Triaging and Telehealth solution within 72 hours

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