Healthcare delivery is changing dynamically and is increasingly emphasizing the importance of collaboration across multiple care providers. For too long, patients have engaged with health services throughout their communities and across the care continuum only to have their health information siloed such that the full picture is never completely available at the point of care. Minerva drives an open-standards-based, patient-centric approach to interoperability and care collaboration. It takes a vendor-neutral approach to unlocking the patient data which is scattered across poorly integrated proprietary systems and enables a seamless and connected experience across the care network.

With the Minerva platform, health systems can

  • Aggregate data across disparate systems, including EMR, PACS and billing & scheduling applications to build a unified patient record
  • Create a completely vendor-neutral and FHIR-based patient data platform with shared access across the care network
  • Provide personalized patient data access to physicians at point of care, integrated with their clinical workflows
  • Implement seamless care coordination services across the care continuum in a secure and HIPAA compliant manner
  • Drive innovative care services and digital health transformation initiatives by providing third-party vendors with access to FHIR APIs
  • Leverage data analytics to enable care-gap analysis and patient risk identification, and track operational metrics to drive efficiencies

Creates a Unified Patient Record

Scalable, Secure & built on FHIR

Integrates into existing workflows

Enables effective care coordination

Provides Innovation Platform

Minerva Platform Architecture

Minerva Platform

Minerva Interoperability Platform

Technical Specifications

Communication Standards HL7, DICOM, Custom APIs (SOAP & RESTful),
XDS, and XDS-I
Clinical document standards CDA, CCDA, CSV, and DICOMs
Medical Image Viewing Zero install image viewer, FDA approved for reference and diagnostic viewing
Authentication Methods Supports LDAP, SAML, OAuth2, Mobile/Email based two factor authentication
Browser support IE 9 (and above), Google Chrome, Safari,
and Firefox
Mobile OS support iOS and Android
Deployment server architecture server and OS Recommended: VMWare ESXI Update 5 and Enterprise Oracle Linux 6
Device integrations Fitbit, JawBone, Withings and selected home monitors
Instant messaging In-built instant messenger and group based chat
API interface FHIR based RESTful APIs layer for third-party development
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