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PeriOperative Solution - A New Era in Workflow Coordination

Healthcare Interoperability Solutions: Present and Future

Digital Front Door Case Study
Dr. Shagun Gera

Associate Product Manager

Looking back a few years, CMS was aiming to increase the adoption of EHRs amongst providers through Meaningful Use. EHRs turned out so overwhelming for the healthcare world, that enabling interoperability, the foundational goal of EHRs, vanished in the madness. Well! The good news is, we have accomplished level one and are ready to brace ourselves for the next level, the level recently named “Promoting Interoperability” (PI).

The focus of this program is to leverage the investments done in EHR technology and progress towards a state where Meaningful Use of healthcare data happens in its real sense and patient records follow them on their care journey.

Sounds dreamy. But wouldn’t it be great if both patients and providers had ubiquitous access to patient data, when and where they need it, and can use the valuable information stored in EHRs, to make informed decisions?

The healthcare industry, backed by technology, is evolving towards a “liberated data world” where information is shared effortlessly through APIs and mobile applications. The emerging state aims at empowering both providers and patients with the power of healthcare data to achieve the end goal of value-based care. Although providers are aware of the benefits of these healthcare interoperability solutions, the technical challenges around solving for interoperability continue to be a concern.

Ingredients for the secret sauce

  • Key Enabler- 2015 edition of CEHRT
  • Leveraging the disruptive power of APIs as connecting bridges to link disparate systems (agnostic of their design) and enable incessant information exchange
  • FHIR based interfaces to streamline information sharing
  • Data Standardization tools for converting raw data into standard data formats
  • Credible Patient Matching algorithms to facilitate patient search and creating longitudinal health records
  • Patient/Physician Portals for a single view of consolidated health records, with unsaid usability and user experience

Immediate returns

  • Interoperability is no more a luxury, but a regulatory mandate to be compliant with PI & TEFCA program which has a direct impact on MIPS payments
  • To meet the demand for Access to Unified Health Records, of not just service providers but also consumers of healthcare and enabling Health Information Exchange
  • Using data for Advanced Analytics to derive actionable insights from raw data

Future returns

Investing in a technology today would set the foundation for future, to reap the upcoming benefits of new healthcare interoperability solutions, including:

  • Providing source of data for innovators in healthcare who can develop disruptive technology to transform healthcare
  • Consolidated database to fuel Population Health Management and Precision Medicine tools with relevant data
  • Making use of Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence to find meaning from raw data for clinical and business purpose
  • Leveraging the best of blockchain to counter the data reconciliation challenges associated with interoperability

Keeping these facts in mind, we at MphRx have designed Minerva, the digital health platform to break barriers in information exchange.

If you’d like to find out how Minerva helps to achieve these goals, please reach out to us.

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